Bethel AME Church History  

Donald Jennings, Organist
Bethel A.M.E. Pennington NJ

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Donald Jennings
Organist At Bethel Seventy Years Plus

Article from Hopewell Valley News
October 17, 1991

Mr. Jennings has been an organist for the past 55 years. We started with a pump organ and from that went to one that had been modified and had bellows from a player piano attached to it. The organ we use now was purchased twenty years ago. Music has always played a big part in the 1ife at Bethel A.M.E Church, as many of its members have been gifted musicians.

Written For BeAnniversary Song
Written For Bethel A.M.E. Church Of Pennington
By Earl Hubbard---Violinist---Choir Director
Sung By Earl's All Girl Chorus
Verse 1.
One hundred fifty years ago they labored
They sacrificed for Bethel A.M.E.
To have a place to worship Christ their savior,
And left it here through years for you and me.
Verse 2.
Through toiling years their strength began to weaken,
God called them home to rest, each one by one.
We'll carry on for that day we are seeking,
God bless you all till victory is won.

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