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Reflections - October 2O13
By Thelma Parks

We are making plans to celebrate our 197th anniversary. There have been many changes at Bethel in the last few years. Rev. Williams served at Bethel for three years and left when she was given a new charge. Our new pastor was Reverend Jameel Morrison who came to us from the A.M.E. Church in Boonton, N.J. A fine example of the many young pastors we have today. We were very happy with him and his lovely wife and baby son. He was only with us for a short period of time and was given a new charge. We were expecting great things from him and know he will have much success in the future. While here he was very active and worked well with the congregation. While he was here the renovation of the kitchen and dining area was completed and dedicated in 20l2. We thank God, an unknown donor and many, many thanks to Brother Charles Jennings for the hard work and time he spent on this project. We now are blessed with a beautiful brand new area to enjoy and entertain guests.

We were without a permanent pastor for several months, but were happy to have several licentiates available to us thanks to our Presiding Elder The Rev. Vernard Leak and help from our former pastor The Reverend Tom Hills things worked out well. We are now waiting to see what God has in store for us as we wait for the next new pastor.

And The Next Chapter In The Historic Story
Of Bethel A.M.E. Church Of Pennington NJ

We now have another new pastor, The Reverend Gregory S. Smith who is the son of the late Presiding Elder Gypson. He, his wife and children came to us in June 2013. He seems to be the perfect match for Bethel. Kind, caring, down to earth and serious about his Christian walk. As a senior congregation we couldn't be more pleased We are hoping he will be with us for many years. Since he has been with us the church is filled with his many friends' In the short period of time he has been with us we already see the changes for good that have happened He has many plans for Bethel and we hope they come to fruition. We are looking forward to the future and as he says “Trust in the Lord and Things will happen.” We just have to step out in faith

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